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Whilst we specialise on the ASX Market we also provide analysis and information of TSX & AIM Listed Companies as well as unlisted companies. 
AUSTEX covers all resource companies from the smallest to the largest, all countries, all commodities (both minerals & energy) & analyse resource projects at all status levels, from exploration through evaluation, development to production. 


AUSTEX CONFIDENTIAL - Individually commissioned independent & confidential reports & analysis on business development &/or new acquisitions for resources companies.  
The objective of our CONFIDENTAL services is to assist our clients locate optimum new opportunity within the resource sector at costs within their budget and to effectively grow and build their business.
Whether a new resource company looking to undertake an IPO or well established explorer or producer,  AUSTEX can help management build strategies, undertake due diligence, prepare independent reports and valuations.
We are available at all time as a consultant to assist Resource Companies Board & Management build and run their business.  
Our CONFIDENTIAL SERVICES are supervised by our Principal Consultant Rob Murdoch.  Rob has had 46 years of Resource Industry Corporate and Technical Management experience running resource companies listed on ASX, TSXV & AIM, with some successes and some “dry gullies”, either way that is a lot of relevant experience at your fingertips.  
AUSTEX NEWS - A range of multi-client and regular reports and spreadsheets, all with a different content,  but with a common objective of keeping all sectors of the resources industry, including resources companies,  broker’s, analysts, fund managers, investors, consultants, contractors or suppliers up to date with what is happening amongst ASX Listed Resource Companies in a totally independent manner.  A Company gets a mention in AUSTEX NEWS on their merits (or lack of performance) not because they paid us or we may have a vested interest in them.  
So whether you are a Resource Company Director, a geologist, driller, lawyer, mining contractor, tool pusher; equipment supplier; stock broker, day trader or regulator monitoring compliance there is at least one version of AUSTEX NEWS for you.  
All AUSTEX NEWS products are available on an annual subscription basis.   You can subscribe to one or to the lot. 


Each AUSTEX CONFIDENTIAL & AUSTEX NEWS service is individually quoted – Please email Rob at  and we can discuss the service best suited to your needs and supply you with a quotation that fits your budget.   


AUSTEX DAILYA summary of the previous business day ASX Resource Company announcements under a range of headings, including new deals & projects, updates on existing projects, new resource/reserve statements, capital raisings, legal or tenure issues a summary of all the days presentations.  AUSTEX DAILY also includes a table with a row per company mentioned setting out its location & commodity focus; project status; share price at the end of the previous month & percentage share price rise over the previous month. 
AUSTEX MONTHLYAn analysis of all the trends with respect to resource  companies share price & commodity price movements over the previous month plus an evaluation of all the Companies whose share price rose or fell significantly over the previous month.  The Companies are presented under a range of headings including Existing Production; Emergent Production; Project Evaluation; Exploration; New Project Acquisition; Capital Raising; Corporate; Seeking New Opportunities or No Announcements at all.   AUSTEX MONTHLY also includes details of new IPO & re listings as well as Companies that have changed direction out of resources; been delisted or gone into administration.   
AUSTEX QUARTERLY NEWS An analysis & details of all the Capital Raising in excess of $A1 million undertaken by those Resource Companies that lodge a 5B Cash Flow report with the ASX over the previous quarter.    Details of the Companies, the projects and importantly underwriters, lead managers and the method used to raise the money. Also details of all Exploration & New Development Expenditure, what has been spent where on what commodity and at what project status.  AUSTEX QUARTERLY also lists the Top 20 Most Efficient Administrators; Top 20 Capital Market Companies; Top 20 Most Committed Explorers and Developers for the next quarter & Top 20 Active Resource Brokers.   We also list all the Companies with less than one quarter cash. 
AUSTEX QUARTELY SPREADSHEETS - Spreadsheets evaluating either all resource companies or selected groups, their expenditures, cash flows, commitments, debt, market cap, cash available, resources, intrinsic value per unit of a commodity, up dated each quarter from the 5B Cash flow reports and extending back over any period of time up to two years.   Each spreadsheet is designed to include exactly the cash flow information to purchaser required and are prices accordingly. 
AUSTEX HALF YEARLYA Biannual look at the production and cash flows of the Major Resource Companies based on their Half Year and Annual Reports.  Cost of Production, Operating, Investing & Financial Cash flows; Placements; Borrowings; Dividends; Unit cash & AISC Costs, Resources; Reserves and Intrinsic values are compared within and across commodities.   The focus is on the “health of the companies projects”
AUSTEX COMMODITIES UPDATES Available each quarter for each commodity (Precious & base metals; minor, new age technology & strategic minerals; fertilisers; bulk minerals; uranium, coal & oil & gas) comparing production amount and costs; reserves and resources; emergent players; evaluators & explorers; peer group analysis & so on. 


COMPREHENSIVE Covering ALL ASX Resource Companies.
UP TO DATE -   Key information from announcements inserted before the end of the next business day. 
ACCURATE The only data base we know of where an experienced locally based resource industry professional inputs the information that is relevant and filters out the information that is not relevant. 
FOCUSED OUTPUT - Rather than having our clients wade through loads of information within our database, AUSTEX provides the output in a report or spreadsheet format that gets right to the nub of their requirements.  

AUSTEX generates a free newsletter every 3-4 weeks setting out general information of a unique manner, on various aspects of the resources industries and the services we provide.     
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AUSTEX provides informative independent presentations & workshops at conferences on understanding the resources industry and what is trending at the time. 
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